Why You Must Book 2022 Travel Now

No one knows exactly when international borders will open, but there is one thing we can agree on. Travellers will be ready to go! Recent forward booking trends are pointing to a record sellout of 2022 departures. This may leave some travellers out of luck.  Usually, most international trips are booked 3-6 months prior to departure. However, post-Covid things are going to change – this is why you must book 2022 travel now. Below are the some of the major shifts we are seeing and why they are driving the need for you to book now.

The travel industry is already seeing record sell-outs

Have you heard of ‘flights to nowhere’?  They are currently the hottest ticket around.  In an effort to give frequent travellers the flight fix they have been dreaming about, airlines around the world have started scheduling flights to nowhere.  They are reduced capacity (Covid-safe) flights that depart and land from the same airport.  They are intended to give travellers a first-class inflight experience while showing them some of the natural wonders of their home country.

These flights offer an indication of what is to come: record sell-out speed.  Qantas was one of the first to release their flight and it sold out in 10 minutes.

couple travelling @Alessia Cocconi

Flights to Nowhere sell out in record numbers. @-Kevin-Oetike

“It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history,” a Qantas spokeswoman added. “People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying. If the demand is there, we’ll definitely look at doing more of these scenic flights while we all wait for borders to open.”

The trend is not just in Australia. Tickets for Hong Kong Airlines’ sightseeing flight sold out in only half an hour. Thousands of people in Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and Australia have all been boarding flights just for the fun of it!

It is not just airlines that are shattering future booking records. Cruise lines are seeing incredible appetite for 2022.  Regent Seven Seas Cruises recently doubled their record for bookings on their 2022 World Cruise, with top suites booking out in a matter of hours.

“People want to travel as soon as possible and experienced travellers know that spaces are limited and they are ready to book the instant dates are released.” say Ormina Tours’ Anna Jones.  “Our most popular tours sell out in a normal year so after over a year of lock-down we expect the demand to be record breaking”.

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You can book risk free

Travel companies recognise that future travel is uncertain. They are therefore allowing clients to book risk free.  For the first time in history many travel companies are eliminating cancellation fees and offering flexible terms. This gives you the peace of mind to book early.

“At Ormina Tours we recognise that people want to book early, but they are not willing to bet money on future travel.  That’s why we moved our cancellation fee for all new 2022 bookings for a limited time.” Says Jones.

This means you ensure you have a spot on the tour without any penalty should things change.  Ormina is not the only company making booking risk free. Airlines, major hotel brands and third-party booking engines are offering similarly generous cancellation terms.  This makes booking early more attractive to all travellers, which only helps fuel to rush to book. It’s time to book 2022 travel now!

Supply will not keep up with demand

We expect post-Covid travel to continue with social distancing in place.  This can have a major impact your travel plans if you do not book ahead.  Some attractions like the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta already require you to book tickets upwards of 6 months in advance to secure a spot. With reduced capacity we expect these lead times to double.  This trend will not only be for already exclusive sites. Travellers may find themselves locked out of the worlds most popular attractions like the Vatican and Louvre if they don’t prebook for timed entry.

The unfortunate economic impact on the travel industry has meant an overall reduced capacity.  Hotels have closed and ground operators have downsized to weather the storm.  While many will be able to ramp up with demand, it will not be as simple as flicking a switch.  Driving companies who have reduced their vehicle fleet numbers and airlines who have stood down tens of thousands of employees and aircrafts will need some significant lead time to ramp up.  They will need to wait to see steady demand before reinvesting.  This means early demand may be met with very limited supply. This is why you must book 2022 travel now!

Booking travel is scientifically proven to make you happy

You know that feeling, the travel itch. At this stage the last time you travelled overseas may feel like it is becoming a distant memory – so you’re probably waiting anxiously to get on your next one. So, while we may not be able to adventure to new worlds and cultures right now, that doesn’t mean planning your next trip is cancelled too. In fact, research has shown that planning your next holiday can benefit your mental health. Just another reason why you should book 2022 travel now!

Planning Travel Makes you happy @Jakob Owens

Previously we have written about how the act of traveling is great for your productivity, physical and mental wellbeing, as well as other lifestyle factors (read more here). But how about the act of planning a trip? Many of us imagine the best part of our holiday to be the moment we arrive, sipping wine and tasting local foods in the ambiance of a spectacular sunset. But, in reality, research shows that the happiest part of your holiday experience happens before you even step foot on the plane!

One study undertaken by nearly 1000 Dutch vacationers found that happiness peaked during the planning and research stage of the holiday due to anticipation.  That’s right, the happiest you will be during your holiday is the moment you book it followed by the anticipation of the trip.  This is why we are usually guilty of starting to plan our next holiday while on holiday (or on the flight home).  We don’t want the joy to end and need another travel fix in the pipeline!

It’s no wonder that people are booking future travel now more than ever.  It’s risk free, good for your mental health and smart given the capacity demand coming up.

If you want to get started, let us know.  As much as you miss travelling, we miss planning travel for our clients.  Nothing would make us happier than booking you on a 2022 holiday….its risk free so why not!

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