About Ormina Tours

Ormina Tours is a luxury tour operator that specialises in small group and private journeys in Europe. We are an Australian company represented in over 300 select travel agents across Australia but our guests reside all over the world.

Ormina Tours was established in 1998 as a specialist division of a retail travel agency and commenced operations in Australia in 1971.  We are a family run business that is passionate about Europe.  At Ormina, we love the history, culture and lifestyle of Europe and have family roots firmly planted in this incredible region of the world.

Ormina Tours’ initial focus was small group and private journeys in Italy. The company has since grown and has travelled with its customers by broadening its reach across Europe. It now operates in over 20 European countries, while maintaining a niche in the Italian market.

Ormina Tours continues to deliver amazing and unique European experiences to guests that reside all over the world.




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