Italy’s Undiscovered Locations: Aeolian Islands

Italy’s Undiscovered Locations: Aeolian Islands – Getting off the tourist trail is always an exciting experience that allows you to explore and discover further. The culture, the people and the tastes of local Italian become more authentic as you step off the beaten track. Across Italy it’s almost guaranteed that you will find small spots that you’ve never heard of. There are incredible destinations in Italy that are often overlooked by travelers, but are just around the corner, if you know where to look. Follow our series of “Italy’s Undiscovered Locations” to unlock some of these idyllic locations…


Italy’s Undiscovered Locations: Aeolian Islands

Just north of Sicily, the Aeolia Islands are full of charms, thrills, and discovery at every turn. Made up of seven islands, the dramatic landscape and warm hospitality of locals will have you wishing you’d come earlier to explore, swim, snorkel, sail and dive this magical outdoor playground a little sooner. Organise a Private Journey here as an add on to our Sicily Bella Small Group Journey, and you won’t be dissapointed by the range of relaxation and activiites the islands have to offer.

Lipari – Home Base

The largest and liveliest of the seven islands, Lipari is the gateway to the Aeoli Isalands as it is most easily accessible from the mainland. Lipari Town is a busy port that doubles in size across the summer as it fills with yachts, beach goers, and busy nightlife. As the most ‘fashionable’ of the islands, dont be alarmed by the steep prices in peak season – there are plenty of places to explore across Lipari and the other islands.

Italy-Aeoli Islands-Lipari
Lipari Town, Aeoli Islands, Italy

Stromboli & Vulcano – Nature Lovers Paradise

While no where near as ‘flashy’ as Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli have a lot more to offer the explorer. The constantly smouldering volcano is a draw card for many adventurers where you can join the path to the crater about a kilometre outside of the city on the way towards Gelso. An easy climb that takes less than an hour is great for even the beginners, and the view from the top it worth it ! You should also take the opportunity to try out the natural mud baths while you’re there.

For the more experienced hiker, the volcano at Stromboli is a bit more of a challenge, but still easily doable. The trek takes about 2 hours and your guide will time it just so that you arrive at sunset.

Italy-Aeoli Islands-Vulcano
Smouldering Volcano at Vulcano, Aeoli Islands, Italy

Panarea – Luxurious Living

Known as a hot spot for the rich an famous, this island is probably the most pituresque of the seven. While the hotels are generally quite expensive you can get some decent off peak prices if you head there around spring or autumn. The island offers some amazing walking routes, such as a 40 minute walk to the golden Sand beach of Zammara, or an easier 20 minute walk to Calcara beach, both with amazing views. Boat trips around the island are a must do, where you can look back and see the magnificent rock colour formations as a result of the sulphur stains. If you’re lucky enough to have a calm sea, you can even see the remains of an old Roman port just below Basiluzzo, or see a submerged volcanic opening near Lisca Bianca.

Italy-Aeoli Islands-Panarea
Panarea, Aeoli Islands, Italy

Filicudi and Alicudi – Off the Beaten Track

Best known for it’s diving, the seabeds around these islands are full of ancient shipwrecks just waiting to be explored. Head here to get a real experience of local islanders, eat great local food at the tiny fishing port of Pecorini a Mare, and climb the clifftop to watch the sun set over La Canna. Each village is in walkable distance from one another, but watch out, the area is rumoured to have ghosts.

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