Slovenia, Lake Bled – Grand Hotel Toplice

Step into the hotel with the longest tradition in Bled and listen to the stories whispered by the rustic parquet beneath your feet and emanating from the romantic furniture with a history spanning over 80 years. Let yourself be taken to a world where time passed slower. The healing thermal spring murmuring below the hotel and the beds customised to offer you the maximum comfort will lull you into a restful sleep. Just like so many eminent guests before you. You will feel the sense of tradition and a special charm upon first setting foot in the hotel and your very first contact with the receptionist. Give your story time to be written in the history of our hotel in capital letters.


Beside Lake Bled and surrounded by the Julian Alps, this upscale hotel in an elegant 19th-century building is 2 km from Bled Castle and 5 km from Vintgar Gorge.