Italy, Sicily (Syracuse) – Ortea Palace

Designed in 1920 by architect Fichera in the Art Nouveau style, this building alludes elegance. Previously serving as a Post Office, the property has reopened after a five-year top to bottom renovation and restoration that preserved the history and charm of the original structure.

Transformed for a totally new experience, the hotel offers 75 guest rooms and suites that reflect all the elegance and the style of the Hotel. From its windows and balconies, you can admire the splendid sea of Ortigia.

For relaxation of mind and body guests can escape to the luxurious Spa which offers both beauty and health treatments.


Ortea Palace Luxury Hotel is situated in a magnificent twentieth-century palace known as “Palazzo delle Poste”, located in the historic center of Syracuse and is surrounded by the extraordinary natural beauty of Ortygia, an island within an island, which seems to float upon the sea.