Croatia, Rovinj – Adriatic Hotel by Maistra Collection

Immerse yourself in the world of art at this chic boutique hotel located in the heart of Rovinj's historic centre. Every corner of the hotel is adorned with exclusive artwork created by talented Croatian artists, providing a truly inspiring atmosphere. As you relax in your room, take in the stunning view of Rovinj's picturesque rooftops, a perfect backdrop for your own creative endeavours. With 14 distinctive rooms and 4 suites, each showcasing artwork by today's leading artists, you'll be surrounded by beauty and creativity. Enjoy views of the lively main square, the charming old town, the enchanting waterfront, or even the captivating island of St. Catherine. The hotel offers a choice of three room types - Atelier, Gallery, and Piazza - each with its own unique charm, as well as two types of suites - Grand Piazza and Adriatic - providing an intimate and elegant setting. For an unforgettable stay in Rovinj, indulge in the luxurious Adriatic Suite, designed to offer the pinnacle of comfort and style. At this art boutique hotel, every room and suite carries the distinct signature of contemporary artists, ensuring a truly immersive artistic experience during your stay.


This upscale hotel is conveniently located just a minute’s walk from the jetty, offering boat service to the beautiful island of Sveta Katarina. Within a 9-minute walk, guests can enjoy breathtaking city views from the tower of the Church of Sveta Eufemija. Additionally, Mulini Beach is a mere 2 km away, making it easily accessible for hotel guests.