Austria, Salzburg – Hotel am Mirabellplatz

In 1653, Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron had the building erected as a secundogeniture palace for residential purposes of his family. Since 1816, the palace with its changeful history has been used as guest house and hotel. Today, it houses Hotel am Mirabellplatz and lets its guests immerse in the cultural heritage of the city of Mozart.

Golden decor, red marble, and an impressive ceiling vault give the entrance hall of the house a prominent appearance. With great attention to detail and great care, the exterior facade as well as the individual rooms of the hotel were renovated and now emphasize the historical heritage of the former palace.


The hotel is located in close vicinity to the magnificent Mirabell Castle and the famous Mirabell Garden, one of the most beautiful places in Salzburg. Thanks to its central location, the Fortress Hohensalzburg, the Salzburg Cathedral, the Salzburg Residenz Palace with its galleries, and all of the Old Town of Salzburg are easy to reach and within walking distance.