Why travelling in a small group is better!

For some, a ‘small’ group experience means travelling with 20 to 40 other guests – that doesn’t sound very ‘small’ to us. We feel that even a maximum of 20 guests is too big, too impersonal and cannot deliver all the benefits of small group travel.

This means our focus is more on being a traveller than being a tourist. Here are some reasons why small group travel really is best:

  1. Meeting like-minded travel companions

As you set off on your exploration you will be travelling with people who have chosen to see the world in the same way as you. Your more intimately shared interests and experiences will ultimately bring you together very quickly, leaving you bound to come away from your travel experience with some new friends and fantastic memories.

  1. Enjoy real local activities and experiences

Taking a small group tour gives you the benefits of independent travel, but without the hassle of having to plan anything. While you will get to visit iconic sites on your tour, you will also be able to get involved in local life and discover hidden places, untouched by tourism. This might include skipping the line at popular tourist hotspots or enjoying a cooking class and meal at a local Italian household with a family.

Cooking classes

  1. Stay in boutique hotels

Big groups mean big chain-style hotels that have hundreds of rooms, generic designs, can be located out of the city centre, and make you feel like just another tourist. Travelling on an Ormina Small Group Journey means that you are guaranteed to be staying in some of the best boutique hotels and properties of the region, or centrally located. Smaller numbers mean that you are able to enjoy unique local properties that treat every client like an individual.

  1. Tailor your experiences to suit yourself

Our experienced team on the ground love to find out about Ormina clients and make their experiences unique. Small groups mean that our guides and drivers are able to tailor information to your preferences and help recommend POI’s for your leisure time.

Tailor your experience with expert local advice

  1. Reduce your environmental impact

Finding a happy medium with group travel and its environmental impacts can be difficult. While group travel leaves a much lighter carbon footprint than if each person was to hire a car, bigger groups can often also damage the environment as they come and go from areas in a matter of hours.
This is why we like to keep things local. Staying local, using local drivers and guides, and supporting local businesses not only give you an authentic and unique experience but also helps to sustain the environment in which you are travelling.