Uncover Europe’s best cities for foodies

Are you planning your next trip around restaurants, bakeries and markets? If so, there are the best cities in Europe we recommend you. You can find in Europe the locations for spectacular food as you can find here.

Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is one of the best-known foodie destinations located in Europe. This city can get your full attention in terms of food. Anywhere you are, you can build up an appetite. For example, in the event you are from the Mediterranean Sea, you can get fresh seafood and humble. Besides, there are more affordable restaurants in Barcelona, which offers vigorous welcomes. Apart from that, you can pass through the Boqueria market where you can purchase cured meat, fresh produce, fresh fruit and many more.


London (United Kingdom)


The Clove Club

The Clove Club

London has seen a veritable foodie revolution, over the past few years. Nowadays, this beautiful city combines celebrity chefs where you can find everything from fine dining. You can eat food at one of its newer restaurants, The Clove Club is supposed to be terrific. However, for those wanting a more casual dining experience, Heston Blumenthal would be the best, where you will probably find so many delicious things. If you want to find another restaurant, you can also hire a car. It will help you to get to the place you want for dinner.


Paris (France)


Rue de Buci, Paris

Rue de Buci, Paris

As we all know, Paris is the City of Love, but you can also prioritize eating as much as sightseeing there. While going in Paris, first, you can find an array of authentic French cheese and bread to taste. You can take your sweet time at rue de Buci, that is one of the best vibrant streets to go for Parisian cuisine. Rue de Buci has got street food to die for, including bistros, bakeries, restaurants as well as cafés, not to mention the specialty gourmet markets. Moreover, you can make a stop at « L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon » or at « Les Deux Magots » if you want to learn history and spend your trip at one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Europe.


Florence (Italy)

When you think about foodie cities in Europe, Florence isn’t necessarily the first one to come to mind. However, Florence’s food is amazing. First, this city is famous for the « bistecca alla fiorentina », it’s a delicious steak you can taste. While going there, this town is also home to the huge variety of fresh foods you expect. Likewise, it’s got everything on grilled meats, fresh vegetables, vegetable soup, etc.,… All things considered, the whole town is a paradise for foodies, so don’t miss out Florence.


Copenhagen (Denmark)




In addition to the casual stops like Aamanns and Døp, which offers hot dogs with sourdough and open-faced sandwiches, be sure to stop by Noma that is one of the best restaurants all over the world. But that’s not all. Copenhagen is home to many popular restaurants as you expect, such as Amass, Cap horn, and Restaurant Krebsegaarden. Besides, you are sure to enjoy something truly delicious, thanks to the many highly-acclaimed restaurants find there.