Travel with the 7 minute workout

I had a Macaroon the size of a hamburger and 3 glasses of Champagne for lunch yesterday…..this is what France is all about!  Travelling is wonderful for expanding your food horizons and indulging in the local cuisine over long lazy meals without any guilt.  When I’m visiting cities, I often walk about 10k per day and somehow it all balances out but lately I’ve been doing lots of driving holidays and need some easy exercise that doesn’t take me out of holiday mode but ensures I can still fit in my clothes by the end of the trip!

Welcome to the 7 minute workout.  Its an app for your phone or you can use their website, the workout is based on high intensity interval training made up of a circuit of 12 different exercises from jumping jacks to planks.  The workout gives you 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second break in-between and is designed to focus on all major muscle groups.

Why I love it?  Well for start, it’s only 7 minutes and the quick 30 second reps make even the hardest exercise tolerable.  Plus, it can be done in even the smallest hotel room in Paris, all you need is the same amount of space as a yoga mat.  Lastly, dedicating just 7 minutes in the morning to a workout means I can enjoy my macaroon lunches and champagne for breakfast.  Happy Travels!