The Travel Advice Against Travel Advice

Everyone who travels has travel advice. They are a must have like luggage, passport and a terrible inflight meal. You’ll hear them in the airport terminal, on the plane in the hotel lobby and good grief—Google travel advice and you’ll learn that its best to travel to Italy in the Fall on one website and in the summer on another. However, the truth is that Italy is a great travel destination all year long and it really depends on your itinerary and budget.


Here are 5 other travel tips that aren’t so cut and dry and require a little due diligence:

  1. Don’t include Monday in your itinerary because many attractions are closed. Yes, but some aren’t and you’ll find less people in the area which sounds like a great opportunity to study the outside of the buildings as well as picnic in a park nearby.  If you find yourself in Florence, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out the Florence Leather Markets without the crowds!
  2. Book your trip far in advance. Sure, but if you have the flexibility, you might just miss out on those last minute deals that seam to always pop up.
  3. Long layovers are a waste of time. Not if you have a long enough layover to leave the airport and venture into a new city. You never know that short adventure may lead to a longer stay in the future or be the highlight of your trip.
  4. Fly out of the closest airport to your destination. Yeah, it may save you a little travel time, but you may have spent less money (and gained a story to tell) if you had flown into or out of Rome and rented a car and driven the 3hrs from Rome to Naples instead.  Just make sure you check out our Italy driving tips before you head off!
  5. It’s usually cheaper to eat breakfast outside of the hotel. Of course this might be true if it’s not already including in the room rate. But it’s also an opportunity to snag a couple “travel” snacks to tide you over while you explore.   If it’s for first time in Italy, check out how to order coffee like a local.

These are just a few ways travel advice can go either way. And isn’t that why we travel in the first place—to see the world in new and exciting ways.