The Lavender Fields of Europe

Thinking of beautiful purple lavender fields, you are probably instantly transported to the Provence region of Southern France. But this isn’t the only place you can find these stunning mauve landscapes in Europe. Due to climate change, it is now possible for lavender to grow where it was previously too difficult. Read more below on where you can visit some of Europe’s lavender fields, as you imagine the scent surrounding you.

Provence, France

The best known of them all is the Provence region in southern France. The countryside is scattered with vibrant purple fields from mid-June to early July. They even have a Lavender Museum where you can learn about the plants history and even participate in a workshop (there are some great ones to choose from).

Join a perfume workshop on our Provence itinerary

Join a perfume workshop on our Provence itinerary

Visit the stunning area of Provence, wander the streets of hilltop villages and participate in a workshop to design your own fragrance in France’s perfume capital on our recommended 8-day Provence itinerary – see more here.

Also in France are the Luberon and Verdon plateau regions to the north of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, and to the east of Avignon, that offer extraordinary blooms around the same time of year.

The Cotswolds & Bath, England

Enjoy the British countryside as you visit some of the country’s most beautiful lavender fields blooming from June through to August. As you visit the unspoilt, historic and famous towns and villages of the British countryside, you will be surrounded by an array of blooming gardens, both wild and manicured.
To the west of London, you will find a working Lavender farm in The Cotswolds as well as Somerset Lavender, a 20min drive from Bath and home to over 20 different varieties of lavender.  While you’re here you can also visit. Most of the farms also have a gift shop where you can spoil yourself with some fantastic organic products.

Varieties of Lavender in the Cotswolds, UK

Varieties of Lavender in the Cotswolds, UK

Visit The Cotswolds and Bath with Ormina – start with our recommended itinerary and built your ideal trip!

Piedmont, Italy

Once an area known for grape and apple cultivation, the border of Piedmont and Liguria, and Southern Lombardy near Pavia, are now full of lavender fields. For the last ten years, farmers in the Oltrepo Pavese region have been harvesting lavender for a variety of uses – from pharmaceutical to cosmetic, as well as its antibacterial and fungicide properties.
Amazingly, all the lavender cultivation and harvesting is done manually. Why you ask? Because there are only six farmers in the whole area that have lavender fields.

The scent of lavender fills the air

The scent of lavender fills the air

We recommend visiting a small farm near Fortunago, a cute hamlet and member of the association “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy). The young owner Massimiliano, with a recent past in the Italian Army as parachutist, will give you a guided tour of the farm, including the resident geese, hens and ducks, the distillation area and the opportunity to admire the sunset over the lavender fields at the end of the day.

This stop is the perfect way to connect two of our programs, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont; Food Wine and Truffles – a secret gem that is off the beaten track.
A storm brews over the Lavender fields of Italy

A storm brews over the Lavender fields of Italy

It’s time to start dreaming about your lavender field encounter. The contrasting blues and purples with a blue or cloudy grey sky as a summer storm brews… a multitude of bees and butterflies dancing in the light, and the smell of lavender to lift your senses.




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