Ormina Tours Partners with Silversea Cruises

15 August 2015 – Sydney, Australia -Ormina Tours Partners with Silversea Cruises to launch joint land and sea itineraries and packaged products as part of their 2016 program.

“This partnership is about expanding our offering” says Ross Ioppolo, Ormina Tours managing director. “We have recognized that our guests frequently book our small group journeys on either side of a cruise. The alignment of our departure dates with a luxury cruise options provide guests with choice, flexibility and the opportunity of a seamless end-to-end luxury experience on land and sea.”

The idea has been circling the offices of Ormina Tours for some time but it was important to find the right partner that fits in line with Ormina Tours’ values. Ioppolo explains, “We pride ourselves on luxury, small group offerings. We select the best 4 and 5 star centrally located hotels, we find hidden treasures within Europe’s most awe-inspiring cities and we pride ourselves on personalized service and it’s important these values align with our partners.”

Silversea Cruises has a long-standing record as a leader in the luxury cruising market. Their ships are small and intimate with spacious accommodations. All suites feature ocean views, many with a private teak veranda. Irrespective of the ship or suite, every guest is pampered by the personalized services of a butler and every cruise is fully inclusive. “It’s this level of service and offering that drew us to Silversea because we know our guests are discerning and Silversea’s commitment to excellence is unrivalled.”

Cathy Tees, Head of Field Sales & National Accounts at Silversea Australia elaborates – “Ormina Tours is a logical partner. Both brands focus on luxury and personalized service and this announcement provide guests with unique and interesting land extensions pre or post our exciting Mediterranean cruising calendar in 2016. Also as both companies are family owned with Italian routes, there is a common language of warm and generous Italian hospitality.”

The partnership includes over 10 ideally matched land and cruise journeys with other possibilities limited only by the imagination. All combinations are featured on Ormina Tours’ website. Many options permit flexibility to travel independently between the cruise and the land journey, which Ormina Tours can design, price and organize as a private journey. Guests may access the entire Silversea or Ormina Tour 2016 programs or obtain a brochure through their respective websites or select travel agents across Australia.