Malta, Valletta – Palazzo Consiglia

This flawless building portrays Malta’s rich history, with a predominant Baroque design in the lower floors, and Roman and Arabic features that can be observed in the newest parts of the Palazzo.
The restoration of this building aimed to preserve its essence and expose the grandeur of the limestone work present in its interior. The façade has been meticulously cleaned; exposing architectural characteristics that have been illuminated with carefully selected lighting fixtures.
The concept behind the name of this Palazzo is as imaginative as it is enthralling. Consiglia is the name given to an abstract woman that embodies someone that is familiar in our daily lives. As with the Palazzo, Consiglia has many facets to her character and personality, so it is fitting that these aspects are uniquely reproduced in each of the thirteen rooms in this hotel.


Palazzo Consiglia is a traditional Maltese townhouse situated at the heart of Valletta in St Ursula Street, just a few metres away from the St Rocco’s church and key attractions such as the Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta Waterfront and Fort Saint Elmo.