Italy, Puglia (Alberobello) – Masseria Fumarola in Martinafranca

Here, visitors may live the experience of sleeping in a "palmento", the area once employed for the production of wine, or may choose an apartment in which each room is a different "trullo", the traditional cone structure that forms the basis of local architecture.
Other offers include a suite with a groin-vaulted loft, one where wood benches gather around the fireplace of an alcove, or one in which an ancient oven has been restored to function.
All bedrooms are accompanied by separate living rooms, and by a frontyard jutting on the countryside.
The furniture is ancestral, just like the family ambience that makes this mansion the ideal destination for anyone who wishes to meet the authentic soul of the land: wrought-iron beds, old doors adapted to cubbies, tables obtained from the wheels of the horse cart.
The swimming pool girdled with chestnut trees and a private 6-hectare wood of "fragni" (a variety of oak unique to this area). Breakfast and light lunch based on homemade products and rigorously prepared in the local tradition, are served in the old manger hall, adapted into a meeting place.


The unique features of the Murge landscape have combined with particular flair in this mansion house. Located a few km from Martina Franca, the baroque masterpiece of Valle d’Itria, and at a close reach from the main attractions of the area.