France, Corsica (Cap Corse) – Misincu

In the heart of Cap Corse, the hotel Misincu brings a unique place back to life. Everything here in comfort & elegance. Experience unforgettable moments, on the waterfront, in the heart of unspoilt Corsica: every one of the hotel’s staff are at your disposal to ensure that you will have an exceptional stay.


Misincu, a wild paradise wholly embraced by a captivating landscape – that of the Cap Corse peninsula and its sumptuous coasts facing the continent. An area with an exceptional heritage, where centuries old villages, and 19th century villas and palaces, overlook the sea and its fishing villages.

On the east coast, Porticciolo Marina, Cagnano, is the small port and the beach of one of the most beautiful valleys which descend from the Serra towards the sea. The maquis is not far away, on the perfumed slopes of an island where orange tree, myrtle and citron blossom. Ashore, a dazzling blue and an iconic hotel that has been transformed into hidden treasure, unique luxury on Cap Corse.