Hidden beaches near Porto and Lisbon

Hidden beaches near Porto and Lisbon – With a stunning coastline studded with hidden caves and access point to the sea, Portugal is a spectacular place to find virtually untouched beaches that offer a bit of adventure and solitude.

Here are some perfect suggestions for you to uncover a beautiful hidden beach of your own.

A trip from Porto:

1) Praia Forte do Paço, Viana do Castelo

Have a spare day in Porto? Pack yourself a picnic and head north for about an hour to the Viana do Castelo district. Here you will find, through the woodlands, a coastline of coves, dunes and secret beaches. Praia Forte do Paço is particularly special because of the nearby 18th Century fort. The beach itself is about 800m long, with perfect shallow fill pools perfect for kids as well.

2) Dunas de São Jacinto, Aveiro

Portugal – Dunas de São Jacinto, Aveiro

Alternatively, you could head south of Porto for about an hour and a half to the Aveiro district to find the dunes of São Jacinto. There isn’t much sign of human life along the 8km stretch, aside from the giant boardwalks that head towards the sea, making it a lot easier to access! As a protected nature reserve, the 8km of clear white sand remains untouched and is home to a huge variety of birdlife. While you admire the horizon over the water, be sure to also look back at the Serra da Freita, Arestal and Caramulo mountains on the other side.

Head out from Lisbon:

3) Praia do Baleal, Peniche 

Just an hour north of Lisbon you can find a beach secluded behind by sea-worn rocks that connects the Peniche peninsula to the mainland. Enjoy the rock pools and bathing lagoons at low tide, or head up the coast another 2km to the limestone cliffs riddled with ravines and sea caverns to explore! Nearby an assortment of shops, cafes and bars make for some food Mediterranean food and relaxation.

4) Praia da Adraga, Sintra-Cascais natural park 

Portugal – Praia da Adraga, Sintra-Cascais natural park

A bit closer, just half an hour from Lisbon, you will find the Sintra hills that hide ancient castles amongst its forests. From the dramatic cliff drops come a number of coves, including  Praia da Adraga, which is popular with surfers (but still quiet enough). At low tide you can explore the small cave, or visit the fantastic seafood restaurant just behind. There’s also a walking trail along the cliffs for 5km south to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost tip of mainland Europe.

Hidden beaches near Lisbon and Porto

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Please be advised that many of these hidden beaches are not patrolled by lifeguards, or do not have cafes or facilities. Please swim safely and pack enough food and water for your trip.


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