Gritti Palace Hotel Venice Review

Gritti Palace Hotel Venice Review – Palatial is certainly one way to describe the majestic Gritti Palace Hotel. After flying to Venice and catching a water taxi to the front door we were greeted by the lovely staff, who not only made us feel welcome and relaxed but were able to tell us an abundance of information about the phenomenon of Venice’s Acqua Alta, and the government’s project to protect Venice into the future.

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View over the Grand Canal

The Gritti Palace is not overrated by any means. It alludes style, class, refinement, and did I mention location? Right by San Marco, it occupies a prime spot on the Grand Canal, which you can enjoy from the rooftop terrace. Just a short walk away from anywhere, but far enough to feel removed from the ‘touristy’ hustle and bustle of the city.

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Everything about the restaurant and terrace was just perfect. You know you are in the right place when you’re enjoying the summer sun and all the people around you are too. As lunch turned into dusk on our first day, the terrace lighting really adds a special magical touch. It’s a great spot to watch the world go by, see the boats on the canal, enjoy beautiful food, and adjust after a long journey.

While I’m not one for staying in my room on a holiday (and at such a breathtaking location), I couldn’t fault it. Bigger than most European accommodation, the room was luxurious and spacey. Even the sheets were fit for a king!

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Gritti Palace Hotel

The real treat for me was the staff and service. For we all know that you can stay in the most high-end hotel, but be let down in this regard. They were knowledgeable, attentive, and thoughtful, always offering recommendations on the local ‘hot-spots’. The wait staff on the terrace really knew how to make you feel relaxed so that you could take in the blissful serenity, or join in on the spirit of the occasion.

A highlight for me was the cooking class I took with Chef Franco, who really inspired me to take part in the true ‘Italian’ spirit of food. The ‘class’ is really more an experience where you learn how to pick produce, all while enjoying a glass of vino. I learnt a lot and it was so hands on that it is something I will never forget!

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Cooking class with Chef Marco

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