Essential Travel Tips

If there is one thing I have learned in my time with Ormina Tours, it’s how to travel like an expert,  below are some of my essential travel tips that can save you a lot of headaches.

Scan, print and email copies of your passport and identity papers

Just in case you lose your passport or just get stuck needing it and not having it on hand, always bring a copy. Having a copy scanned and ready to pull up on email is a good back-up.  I often email it to a family or friends just in case there is an emergence situation.

Get checked out by a travel doctor

When travelling, you never know how you will react to local water, bugs or germs. It’s always a good idea to get cleared first.  Travel doctors know what countries are higher risk.  They will give you the needed shots and the ‘just to be safe’ back-up meds you should bring depending on your destination.  Check out Travel Clinic for your local provider

Always leave 1/3 of your suitcase spare

You may not want to buy stuff…..but you will buy stuff….give yourself some extra room!

Think about your transportation when packing

Nothing is worse than trying to climb hundreds of stairs in a crowded train station with 2 full, heavy suitcases that you cannot lift. If travelling by train or local public transportation, try to only have 1 suitcase and a backpack.

Get travel insurance

Don’t just get, know the policy and use it if you qualify. You may be surprised that a late flight could mean you miss your train and need to rent a car…it’s covered.  You may be surprised that if you break your camera or laptop while travelling….it’s covered.  And best of all, if a flight canceled, the extra night in the hotel, food and transportation are all covered.  Not only may you find opportunities to get refunded, but it also means that when disasters strike, you know what is covered and you can stress and little less

.Lobby entrance


Ask about the local road rules

Yes they are different and yes that can make your trip very stressful. Check it out before you go or ask when renting a car.


Always keep some extra cash hidden

Yes it even happens to us seasoned travellers, you have lost or gotten your wallet stolen. It’s always a safe measure to keep a little extra cash someplace other than your wallet