Meet the Team: Sonia Speroni


Sonia Speroni  Product Manager


Sonia Speroni, Product Manager

Sonia is an Italian local, having been born and brought up in the North she studied a Diploma in Tourist Techniques and started working for an outgoing small travel agency in her local town of Southern Piedmont in 1993. She has also worked as a Sales Manager for a big transportation company in Genoa before owning her own service for 10 years, specialising in high-end food & wine tours across Northern Italy.

After acquiring her Masters in Tourism Management, she then worked as Head of Gourmet and Customised tours for a worldwide OTA and B2C platform based in Milan for 2 years.

There is no one experience that defines her love for Italy and Europe, but instead she revels in creating products and itineraries that showcase diversity, adding attention to detail for tailored trips that ultimately make a customer’s experience unique.

Sonia is proud to work for a company that has well established and trusting relationships with travel agents, clients, and suppliers. The dynamic and flexible nature of the company means that Sonia can take joy in using her local knowledge and creativity for a bespoke market.



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