5 Amazing Undiscovered European Destinations You Must Visit Now

Get away from the crowds and try something new as you discover Europe in a new light. We have made a list of 5 amazing undiscovered European destinations that you must visit on your next trip!

#1 Slovenia

Slovenia is finally starting to get the attention it deserves with its fairytale Lake Bled and green capital, Ljubljana. It’s a country that fosters slow travel and is perfect for adventure lovers. There are still so many areas that are yet to be discovered, including the Vipava Valley – reminiscent of Tuscany at a first glance.

Lake Bohinj closely rivals the beauty of Lake Bled

Lake Bohinj closely rivals the beauty of Lake Bled

Things to do: Slovenia is action packed, with many hiking and cycling routes, as well as adventure sports. If that’s not for you, you can also indulge in their fantastic food and wine culture, stop in at their natural hot springs, and marvel at the amazing natural landscapes. Read more about why you should visit Slovenia here.

How long should you stay: If you want to discover the best of Slovenia we recommend around a week. See our 8-day Slovenia Discovery tour.

#2 Montenegro

Montenegro is an amazing destination that is often left undiscovered on a typical European itinerary. Yet is boasts a slice of Adriatic heaven, overflowing with rugged mountains, medieval villages and spectacular coastlines. While people are starting to head to the UNESCO listed old town of Kotor, you can still find many more inland destinations that will reward you with an off the beaten path experience.

Woman near the Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan island, Montenegro

Things to do: There are many hiking opportunities in the mountains, as well as some fantastic historical towns to visit like Perast and Budva. Make sure to visit the breathtaking beach island of Sveti Stefan, and make a trip to see Lake Skadar, home to one of the largest bird reserves in Europe.

How long should you stay: We recommend 3-5 days in Montenegro to make the most of what this slice of paradise has to offer. See our 5-day Montenegro itinerary to get you started here.

#3 Malta

Malta makes our list for amazing undiscovered European destinations as is it often overlooked by travellers on a typical trip. It offers a wealth of famous sights, history and beautiful coastline. It truly is a destination like nowhere else and must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Malta Marsaxlokk boats

The traditional fishing village of Marsaxlokk

Things to do: From awe-inspiring prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs that drop into crystal blue waters, and enchanting seaside and old town restaurants. You can soak up the history and charm of the beachside settlements, get lost in old-town Valletta and swim off a private boat at Comina’s Blue Lagoon.

How long should you stay: For a small island, Malta has a lot to see and do. Our 7-day itinerary is a perfect starting point to plan your trip. If you want to do some hiking or have more leisure time, you can add in an extra day or two. We recommend pairing it with a Sicilian holiday.

#4 San Marino

San Marino is nestled in amongst the hills of Italy in Emilia-Romagna. This country is a pocket-sized delight and the oldest republic in the world. It may be the 5th smallest country, but it has two presidents and their own calendar system.

San Marino - aerial view

An aerial view of hilltop San Marino

Things to do: Filled with quirky medieval history and peculiar museums, you will need some time to explore. Make sure you take in the striking view from the top of Mount Titano.

How long should you stay: Many people take a day trip here, which can be great if you’re tight on time. However, we recommend making the most of this amazing undiscovered destination with an overnight stay. You will get to enjoy an incredible sunset and sunrise – and it will feel like you have the whole place to yourself. Add this in to an Emilia-Romagna itinerary to make your holiday unique.

#5 Corsica, France

Popular with the French, Corsica is often left undiscovered by other travellers exploring Europe. Think nature, history and good food and wine – it is France of course.

Bonifacio Corsica tour lights marina at night

Bonifacio, Corsica lit up at night

Things to do: The island offers spectacular geographical diversity and a rich history. Enjoy the southern dramatic cliffside town of Bonifacio, Napoléon’s home town of Ajaccio, and winding routes through small artesian villages in the north.

How long should you stay: While it looks small, getting around Corsica does take some time with the winding roads around steep cliffs. We recommend an 8-day trip to see it’s best sites. Start with our Corsica itinerary and adapt it how your please. While you’re there, we also recommend making your way south to Sardinia to soak up the Italian beach holiday destination too.


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